Bespoke pieces designed and created for you or your loved ones.


Elegant bridal jewellery including engagement rings and wedding bands. 


Reimagine an existing loved piece in a new modern style.


Diamonds personally selected for you.

Coloured Stones

Natural coloured stones to bring some colour to your life.


Pearls for every occasion.


about me.

I'm David Krantz. I'm a jewellery concierge and designer and have been in and around the jewellery industry my entire life.


I owned and managed a Hays Jewellers Manly on The Corso in Manly for 8 years from 2010 where I began my passion for bespoke jewellery pieces. 

Beautiful stones and unique pieces of jewellery inspire me. Many people ask me what a jewellery concierge is. I am the guy who will get you the piece of jewellery that you want in the time frame that you need it. Whether I need to have it commissioned or I source an existing piece. 

I love remodelling previously loved jewellery pieces into something that you can wear and enjoy once again. Whether it is your piece, a loved one's or even a 2nd hand piece, there is no better feeling than to reimagine the jewellery into a more elegant style.

I'll come to you or we can chat on the phone or via email. I can create computer renders of the pieces before they are created to give you a feel for the final piece. 

I offer a lifetime warranty on all of the custom pieces.




Tel: 0438 623 515

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